I just had enough, I need a valve to get it out so here it comes:

Android 4.3 during setup:

"To improve [..] scan for nearby Wi-Fi networks, even when Wi-Fi is off"

The documentation to “dab log cat” is just wrong, it says:

Loads an alternate log buffer for viewing, such as event or radio. The main buffer is used by default.

That’s definitely wrong, I diffed a $ adb logcat and a $ adb logcat -b main and they are different. Further only main, system, radio are mentioned, but there are -b system and -b sf available as well.

Android 4.3 was installed at 5:22pm and the first crash was at 5:46pm (less than half an hour).

adb logcat -f <file>

Is not working, it just throws an error… further is doesn’t even set an exit code.

Just the bugs I found today. And since we are talking about today’s bugs there is one in eclipse is well. If you import a project and select “add project to working sets” guess what… it doesn’t work. It just adds it to “Other Projects”. *sigh*

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