Script to automatically login to UpUnet-S at Uppsala University

If you want a small bash, zsh or shell script that auto authenticates you with Uppsala Universities UpUnet-S you can use this simple one liner, just add our username and password and up you go:

curl --data "action=Login" --data "usergroup=UpUnet-S" --data-urlencode "username=YOUR_USERNAME" --data-urlencode "password=YOUR_PASSWORD"

If you are a student at SLU you can try to substitute “usergroup=UpUnet-S” with “usergroup=SLU” and it should work for you as well. It’s untested though.

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7 Responses to Script to automatically login to UpUnet-S at Uppsala University

  1. lukas says:

    Interesting! Is there any way to run this script on an iphone? And like automate it? Like an app? Or maybe in chrome?

    • hashier says:

      Actually I wrote an iPhone app but never put it in the AppStore since I thought I’d be the only one who would use it.

      In the app you can connect/disconnect and automatically connect on app launch so you don’t even have to click a button. Interested in testing?

  2. Nargren says:

    Thanks for the quick curl command, used it a few times to log in to the network.
    However, I have also managed to set up an OpenWRT router and keep a live connection at all times, while my connected devices don’t need to authenticate any further. Internet 24/7, without logins. You can have a look at:
    Share Internet From a Captive Portal with OpenWRT

    Also, is there still an iPhone app? Some friends of mine could surely use it.


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